Garden Care And Maintenance: Tips On Getting The Best Value For Your Money

tree specialist working on a gardenIf you have a garden, you either hire a professional gardener to trim and maintain it, or you do the job yourself. Proper care and maintenance of a garden is hard work and, it takes time and dedication. If you hire a tree fella, it means you have to pay them a substantial amount, especially if they spend a lot of time taking care of it. If you take care of the garden yourself, you have to ensure you use the time you spend taking care of it wisely.

Garden care and maintenance is not something that you start thinking about after the garden has already come up. It should be considered at the very beginning of the process, at the design stage. It is advisable to choose a garden design that will not have you spending too much money on maintenance to avoid getting overwhelmed. Consider the design or sustainability of the trees you plant in your garden and how willing and able you are to take care of the plants and keep them thriving.

Here are some pointers that should help.

Some trees do not need regular pruning unless you need to do it for shaping purposes. These are such as cypresses and palm trees. Their natural shape is strong and clean. For the fast-growing species, you will need to have a gardener trim them regularly to stop them from becoming too bushy. Trees like oaks and elms do not need as much pruning, but it is advisable to do it occasionally. Bushy trees need a gardener that is experienced because it requires expertise to shape them and trim only what is not needed.

One factor that garden owners tend to overlook is how much certain trees produce litter from dry leaves and flowers falling. It is tempting to choose a tree with conspicuous flowers or with edible fruits but one must always keep in mind that these mostly end up being too much work. Trees that are known to make a mess are such as flowers from Jacaranda trees, date trees, and Ficus berries. If you want to avoid too much of a mess, it is best to go with deciduous trees because they have minimal leaf drop for a very short time.

Shrubs And Bushes

You have to decide whether you want your shrubs to grow as a sheared hedge or if they are to be loose and provide a screen. Growing a shrub often means that you will have to do some maintenance. However, maintaining a trimmed hedge that has to look neat and uniform at all times means more time and money. You could always do it yourself but keep in mind that it may soon start to feel like a chore rather than a labor of love.

Climbing Plants

You have to be careful with these because most people always assume that since they are climbers, the job is already done. It is a wrong assumption as most climbers will need guidance to take on the shape you want and grow on the spots you choose. Otherwise, they could end up becoming quite untidy.

One plant to be careful of choosing is Bougainvillea, as it is very expensive to maintain on account of all the litter from the flowers and the thorny growth.